When the business here starts with the terms of our company, please read it carefully:
1. Once the PI confirms, the order cannot be cancelled for any reason, otherwise the buyer needs to pay 30% of the order amount as the supplier's replenishment fee.
2. The buyer shall complete the payment in accordance with the payment date agreed in the payment terms agreement.
3. The supplier can provide a ** day guarantee from the date the part arrives at the buyer. Any problems should be issued during the warranty period, otherwise the supplier will not be responsible for the parts.
4. When the buyer reports a part failure, the supplier should be provided with a formal test report. For the cost of the test, the supplier will not pay the fee unless the parties reach an agreement before the order is placed.
5. The exact number of parts returned should be submitted to the supplier prior to shipment. The refund amount or replenishment amount will be given based on the quantity finally received by the supplier.
6. When the part is confirmed to have a quality problem, the supplier will pay and only pay for the outbound shipping cost by shipping the parts of our shipping account.
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